Benčič tourist farm

Benčič tourist farm

Idyllic beauty and genuine hospitality of the Karst homestead.

The Benčič tourist farm will organise a wedding celebration for you in the stunning setting of a genuine Karst homestead. They welcome guests in their beautiful courtyard, under a large walnut tree that provides a refreshing shade in the summer.  Irena and Miro, lady and master of the house, offer their guests a wide range of genuine Karst dishes. Home-produced Teran and Malvazija wines, liqueurs and juices as well as prosciutto and other meats that are dry cured in the home cellar are only the prelude to local traditional culinary treats. The wedding ceremony can be organised on the courtyard or in the space located on the ground floor of the household. The spacious house can accommodate up to 18 adult guests.

If you are looking for a unique and genuinely pleasant location for your wedding, the Benčič tourist farm is certainly the right choice.


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