Living Stone and Wild Flavours

5-6 hours

Across the Karst with an e-bike

Ride into the primordial secrets of the Karst, a world of fascinating stone and wild flavours gifted by biotic diversity and rich nature. Touch the natural wonders and discover those crafted by the people in close communion with their characteristic landscape. Among the impressive stone, fragrant herbs and serene vineyards, delve into wine tastings and culinary joys. Karst is truly unique.

Highlights of the experience:

  • visit the Belajevi Farmstead with its herbal garden, picking herbs and tasting home treats
  • discover karst phenomena in the Karst Living Museum, and the details of stone cottage construction
  • photo safari along the karst common with the discovery of unique wild plants
  • wine tasting and the oldest Teran grapevine
  • traditional cuisine and a taste of local dishes in a Karst restaurant

The exclusive discovery of the natural and cultural landscape of the Brkini and the Karst, set in a compelling story, begins right at the spot where two different yet closely connected worlds meet. Where the flysch hills of the Brkini level out, touching the limestone of the grounds of Karst, the Belajevi Farmstead awaits you with open arms. The nicely restored family farm is fragrant with herbs, especially the summer savoury growing in their garden, where you can explore and pick some. Immersed in the stories of family tradition and healthful plants you can assist in preparing a typical local dish, infused with the dainty herbs. A delicious snack before cycling into the scenic Karst.

With an e-bike, under the watchful eye of a seasoned guide, you'll be riding karst trails all the way up to the Karst Living Museum between Lipica and the state border with Italy. Along the way, as if arranged on purpose, there's a fascinating collection of karst natural phenomena to see, surrounded by green vegetation. In this primordial world you'll also encounter dry walls, structures built without mortar since prehistory and now part of UNESCO world heritage. Especially curious are the shepherds' cottages, likewise built using dry stone construction. The guide will tell you about their origins and creation.

From the natural museum, you'll be riding past Sežana into typical karst villages, along the wooded commons where you'll be looking for herbs with your guide, photographing them for your travelling album or social media. A selfie with wild summer savoury? Something you don't see every day!

In Šepulje you'll be parking your bikes, heading for a special encounter with the oldest vine of Karst Teran, red grape variety with a protected denomination of origin. Naturally, a tasting of excellent Teran wine will be enjoyed at the local winemaker, and so the biking part is now complete. There's really no need to cycle anywhere as the welcoming doors of a family restaurant are just a few steps away. The final stop of the Karst adventure is dedicated to the enjoyment of the senses. Can you recognize the aroma of newly met herbs in the local dishes? These and other curiosities will be table topics during your gourmet meal.


  • when booking for 2 people: 327 € per person
  • when booking for 4 people: 254 € per person

  • when booking for 6 people: 229 € per person

  • when booking for 8 people: 217 € per person

The price includes: a visit to the Belajevi Homestead, herb garden experience and tasting of local culinary specialities, a photo safari on the ‘gmajna’ grassland while learning about the unique Karst wild plants, a wine tasting (Vina Štemberger), lunch/dinner (tasting menu) at the Šajna Homestead, rental of an e-bike and a helmet, a local cycling guide throughout the experience, a surprise souvenir, and all transport according to the programme.

Essential equipment: comfortable footwear and cycling clothes

Opening hours

All days of the year, by prior arrangement at least three days in advance.

5-6 hours
Language of experience
Slovenian, English, German, Italian
Number of persons
2-10 persons
TIC Sežana

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