Have a carefree stay

Have a carefree stay

By: ORA Krasa and Brkinov

You can completely relax in the Karst.

You can enjoy yourself in its safe and green environment, while the locals are always happy to offer advice or whatever else you might need.

Slovenia is a very safe country, also in terms of health.

In 2019, in the Global Peace Index, the annual list of the world’s safest countries by the international Institute for Economics and Peace, Slovenia is ranked in a respectable 8th place, and in 7th place among European countries. You can also feel safe in terms of health, as the state and its citizens are acting responsibly to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

There are no restrictions on entry to Slovenia. The “PCT” condition (recovered, vaccination, testing) is not required. There is also no requirement to quarantine on arrival at the border. To enter Slovenia, passengers only need a valid travel document (ID card, passport) and a visa (if required). 

All up-to-date information and recommendations on coronavirus are available on the Slovenian Tourist Board’s website

Take care of personal safety.

Despite the high level of safety in the country, always act responsibly and ensure your own safety. When visiting Slovenia, follow the recommendations of the state authorities to limit the spread of Coronavirus. If anything should go wrong or an accident occurs, ring:

  • 112 for emergency medical services, fire brigade or rescue team
  • 113 for the police

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