Spacal Trail

12 km
3 to 4 hours
Fitness level required

Memorial trail of a fine artist from the Karst

The painter and graphic artist Lojze Spacal is one of Slovenia’s greatest fine artists of the 20th century. He lived and worked in the Karst village of Škrbina; today, his works of art are shown in the Spacal Gallery in the Štanjel Castle. This relatively easy memorial trail connects the villages of Škrbina and Štanjel. The trail weaves through the picturesque Karst landscape that provided the painter with his greatest inspiration throughout his life. You can start the walk in Škrbina or Štanjel. If you start in Škrbina, you can round off your experience in the Karst nature by attending the permanent exhibition of Spacal’s works of art in the Štanjel Castle.

Length of trail
12 km
3 to 4 hours
Fitness level required
Sights along the trail
  • Lojze Spacal’s tomb in Škrbina
  • typical karst gmajna grasslands and ponds
  • Spacal Gallery in Štanjel
Štanjel Castle Visitor Centre

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