Castle Mirenski Grad

Castle Mirenski Grad

The pilgrimage church represents a valuable sacral heritage.

Above the village of Miren is a hill that was named Mirenski Grad after the former castle. Perched on the hill is the well-known pilgrimage church of the Sad Mother of God. The church, once known by the name ‘Our Lady under the Karst’, was first mentioned in documents dating back to the end of the 14th century. By the 18th century the church was thoroughly renovated several times, whereas the current building was constructed in the second half of the 19th century. It was demolished during World War I and then completely rebuilt between 1924 and 1927. It was then severely damaged during World War II. It was last renovated in the 1950s and embellished by the timeless artistic works by Tone Kralj, i.e. a statue of the Sad Mother of God at the main altar and many wall paintings. According to his plans, the local artist Oskar Kogoj, well known for his versatile skills, created an image of the Sad Mother of God from painted glass, which now decorates the façade of the church. The last work of art is the confessional under the chancel that was designed by the famous architect Boris Podrecca in 2005.

Mirenski Grad is popular for its beautiful nature and breath-taking views, yet it has also evolved into a well-known spiritual centre. It is a place where a Lazarite monastery, the Sisters of Mercy nuns and some humanitarian societies have found their home.


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