Running event: ‘Farewell to autumn in the Karst’

Running event: ‘Farewell to autumn in the Karst’

The mild karst climate is the perfect setting to bid farewell to the running season in the Karst in November – in the last running event of the year. For most runners, the event means the end of the running season, while for others it is an opportunity to build up motivation and to train.

This 10,4 km or 5,8 km-long circular recreational running trail twists and winds on asphalt and well-maintained macadam roads, through the picturesque protected area of the Karst Living Museum that beckons to explore some Karst mysteries.

Due to restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in public events, please also consult the official website of the event organizer. If the conditions in November will not allow the event to take place, it will be moved to a later time or cancelled.



TIC Sežana
Partizanska cesta 4
6210 Sežana

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