A tasting of little Karst culinary magic spells

60 minutes

“Mmm Beatrice”, which combines 32 top small culinary delicacies from the Karst and has already enchanted gourmet Europe, invites you for a boutique experience.

“Mmm Beatrice” is a brand of 29 varieties of extra home-made marmalades, a tomato sauce, and two chutneys. We cook our delicacies from the best, almost exclusively local ingredients without any preservatives, colour or flavour enhancers, or gelling sugar. They by far exceed the highest quality standards. Our mmmarmalades are made from fruit and/or vegetables. They come in a single flavour or a mix of them. You will soon see how well they accompany meat, cold meats, cheese and other dishes. The experience also includes the tasting of different dishes, together with chutney and traditional tomato sauce. Welcome to the gourmet festival!

Price: ​

  • EUR 24/person

The price includes:

  • a presentation of the creators of Mmm Beatrice,
  • a presentation of the story of the little spells of culinary magic from the Karst,
  • a tasting of five dishes made from local ingredients and accompanied by 6 magical Mmm Beatrice culinary delicacies (chutney, tomato sauce, and 4 varieties of mmmarmalade)*,
  • a glass of Teran wine and home-made herbal tea.

* A group can choose a menu, including one that contains meat or is meat-free.

Minimum number of persons: 4
Minimum group price is for 4 persons.

Maksimum number of personsIn warm and sunny weather, 16 (since the tasting is held in the garden), otherwise 6

Recommended equipment: casual clothes and footwear, suitable for the local weather.

Opening hours

By prior arrangement.

60 minutes
Language of experience
Slovenian, English, German, Serbian, Croatian
Number of persons
4 - 16 (In warm and sunny weather)
EUR 24/person

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