The Ferrari Garden – a family portrait

2,5 hours

Immerse yourself in the memories of the Ferrari family

The first two decades of the 20th century saw the completion of the renovation of the Ferrari Villa, designed as a holiday complex for his extended family on the site of the former defensive walls of Štanjel by the architect Maks Fabiani. He further added to the villa in the form of a garden, which today - with its exceptional garden and architectural design, terraced layout, selected vegetation, and phenomenal water supply system – ranks among Slovenia's most important cultural monuments.

But the Ferrari Garden, its role as an exceptional monument and the special features it possesses aside, has always been characterised above all by the story of the Ferrari-Fabiani family, who from around 1923 to 1941 spent their most beautiful holiday time in Štanjel.

Exploring the garden's unique features, the "Ferrari Garden – a family portrait" experience takes you back to that very era, when the members of the family spent unforgettable times at Villa Ferrari and its garden, where they grew older and their children grew up. Through storytelling and narratives, the experience brings to life the images of the family members and their times of peacefulness, carefree living, and enjoyment of life.

The package includes:

  • guided exploration of the Ferrari Garden with the presentation of archive images and narratives at specific points in the garden,
  • a "Ferrari Tea Party" at a selected location in the garden, with a presentation and tasting of local delicacies,
  • a souvenir.


  • when booking for 2 persons: 100,00 € per person
  • when booking for 4 persons: 80,00 € per person
  • when booking for 6 to 8 persons: 60,00 € per person
  • when booking for 10 to 15 persons: 45,00 € per person
The content of this publication is the responsibility of the partners of the Karst Gardens operation • Komunala Sežana d.d., Municipality of Komen, Maks Fabiani Institute, ORA Krasa in Brkinov d.o.o., Krasna, Andrejka Cerkvenik s.p. The managing authority designated for implementing the Rural Development Programme of the Republic of Slovenia for 2014-2020 is the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food.

Opening hours

From April to October by prior arrangement.

2,5 hours
Language of experience
Slovenian, Italian, English
Number of persons
2-15 persons
45,00 € - 100,00 € per person
Štanjel Castle Visitor Centre

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