The Church of St. Giles in Sveto

The Church of St. Giles in Sveto

The church with a nave in octagonal shape is a unique monument of sacral architecture.

In the village of Sveto near Komen one encounters quite a special church, classified among the most important monuments of sacral architecture in Slovenia. The Church of St. Giles was built in 1576 and has a unique octagonal nave, covered by an umbrella-shaped roof that is supported by a single, formerly wooden pillar. The church interior acquired this appearance in the baroque period when the main presbytery was constructed and all altars erected. The main altar originates from the Minorite church in Gorizia (IT) and is at least partly the work of the famous sculptor Angelo Putti (Pozzo), the creator of the portal of the Seminary Palace in Ljubljana. The statue of St. Giles is older. The church has a bell tower on the western side, bearing the inscription “1599”. In the past it stood by itself, but was later connected with the church with an arched structure.

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