The Church of St. Anthony in Šepulje

The Church of St. Anthony in Šepulje

This pleasant little church in the Karst is enchanting with its forest-edge location.

The church was first consecrated in 1470. It was originally built in the Roman style, whereas the gothic presbytery was constructed later. It was consecrated to St. Anthony the Abbot, to whom the peasants appealed to protect their cattle. The interior is rich with works of art, the highlights of which include a wooden carved altar with a statue of the patron St. Anthony as well as frescos from the 16th century. The Turks are said to have kept their horses in the church as they plundered the Karst, which is shown on a fresco on the church’s eastern side.  The church was burnt down during the Turkish invasion.

The gothic Church of St. Anthony is located in a secluded place, in the midst of the picturesque karst nature. The oral tradition reveals that a monastery once stood in its place. Young women used to come from near and far to this church to pray and appeal for a husband, as St. Anthony is a patron of marriage. This beautiful church, surrounded by pristine nature and protected by ‘the most suitable’ patron, is also a popular wedding place.


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