Hut on Mt. Kokoška

Hut on Mt. Kokoška

The hut on Mt. Kokoš (670 m) stands on the Jirmanec hill that rises above the popular tourist sight of Lipica, the biggest Slovenian village of Lokev and the oldest tourist cave in Europe – Vilenica. The hut was named after Mt. Kokoš (674 m) which is only a 5-minute walk away. In the vicinity of the hut and under the slopes of Jirmanec stand two boundary markers, the remains of the old feudal division of land in the Karst. Just 30 minutes to the south east of the hut is Mt. Veliko Gradišče (741m), the highest peak on the Trieste-Komen Karst plateau. On the southwestern slope there was a hillfort which was destroyed in the 5th century.


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