Culinary pampering

PTP Teran, Vitovska grganja and other vintage wines of the Karst Wine Road accompany local culinary features, such as karst dishes enriched with wild asparagus and typical herbs and spices, and dishes from the Brkini Hills, rich in fruit. Culinary experiences and guided tastings are offered at many farms on the Brkini Fruit Road ( and on the Karst Wine Road.

When visiting the Kras and Brkini Hills you must try the traditional Brkini plum brandy and the karst gin, as well as the karst prosciutto and other dried meats, karst honey, and Brkini and karst cheeses. A part of the luxury of karst cuisine is undoubtedly the karst jota stew, and in Brkini the potato gnocchi with mushrooms, and the plum dumplings.  

kulinarično razvajanje

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