Water wealth of the Karst

6 hours

Explore the natural water resources.

The area of The Škocjan Caves Park, which has featured on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1986, offers unique opportunities to explore the natural water resources. The Škocjan Caves were created by the Reka river, which after flowing for 50 km on the surface, disappears in this location into the karst underground. One of the largest underground canyons in the world fascinates every visitor.

In the Karst, surface water is rare and therefore precious. In the past, people started building wells and ponds for the purpose of collecting water. Today, the latter play an important role in preserving the biodiversity of the Karst. After visiting the typical water reservoirs, you can reinvigorate yourself with lunch at a local restaurant.


  • Adults: 40,00 EUR per person

Price includes: guided tour of the Škocjan Caves, guided walk along the Water Treasures Trail, lunch at a local restaurant.

Opening hours

Every day of the year, by prior arrangement.

6 hours
Language of experience
Slovenian, English
Number of persons
min. 8 persons
40,00 EUR per person
TIC Divača

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