Walk on the TIGR Memorial Circular Trail

6 km
2 hours
Fitness level required

A walk along the Ocizla–Beka TIGR Memorial Circular Trail is organised by the Ocizla Society which has dedicated this trail to the memory of a group of villagers, members of the TIGR Organisation, which was the first to fight against the fascist oppression before the Second World War. The trail runs past karst natural phenomena such as the Blažev spodmol Cave, the Luže spring, a natural bridge, a cave with a waterfall and the big Ocizla Cave. There are many cultural sites along the way like the remains of mills and military caverns from the Great War. The trail winds its way through a beautiful karst landscape.

June, 2023
Length of trail
6 km
2 hours
Fitness level required
Sights along the trail
  • natural bridge,
  • waterfall Žlebina,
  • Blažev spodmol Cave.
Športno kulturno in turistično društvo zveza Ocizla

Ocizla 1c
6240 Kozina

+386 40 874 745

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