Vrabči homestead

30 minutes

The Vrabči homestead (Domačija Vrabči) is run by the brothers Ivo and Edi Šuc hand in hand with nature, which is why it has become a must-see getaway for all culinary hedonists who yearn for homeliness in a pleasant Karst ambiance. Pliskovica is among the most artistic and picturesque villages in the Karst, so don’t miss out on hospitality of its friendly local community.

This family-owned farm boasts a long tradition in making different types of brandy, liqueur and wine. The herbs that are commonly found in the brandies are picked, sorted and soaked by hand. The careful production procedures of the Šuc brothers ensure the exquisite character of their products. They serve a wide variety of products, capturing the essence of generosity and whimsicality of the Karst.

Offer includes:

  • Tasting of Karst culinary specialties
    Includes: 3 samples of house specialties, a glass of non-alcoholic drink and a presentation of the production process
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Price: €12/person

The house specialties include brandies and liqueurs.

Opening hours

  • Saturday (at 11.00, 16.00, 18.00)

Contact person: Ivo Šuc
Telephone: 00 386 40 202 920
E-mail: ivo@vrabci.si

To register, first reserve your intended date and arrival time by telephone or e-mail.

30 minutes
Language of experience
Slovenian, Italian, English

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