Trail of Stone

5 km
1.5 hours
Fitness level required

Among natural beauty and stonecutting products

In Volčji Grad, a small Karst village in the vicinity of Komen, a special educational trail presents the natural and cultural features of this area of the Karst. Volčji Grad is a very old settlement. In the Early Iron Age it was a large Karst hillfort and, much later, a rich stonecutting tradition developed here. Today, the Trail of Stone takes you to the village and its surroundings where you can explore Debela Griža, with the remains of a hillfort built by the Hallstatt culture, as well as other cultural sites like stone shrines (‘pils’), portals (‘kalunas’) and many other architectural details made from stone. The local peculiarities also include a lime pit (‘japenca’), a shepherd’s corbelled hut, dry stone walls and a walled doline. Many Karst phenomena await to be discovered around the village.

Length of trail
5 km
1.5 hours
Fitness level required
Sights along the trail
  • Debela Griža prehistoric hillfort
  • stonecutting products and architectural details
  • karst phenomena
Štanjel Castle Visitor Centre

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