The Karst is therefore the region where caring winegrowers press shining dark "Refošk" grapes every autumn and put all their effort and skills into producing teran PTP.

The Karst wine-growing region comprises over 650 hectares of vineyards in which, apart from teran, malvazija, chardonnay, sauvignon, the old style vitovska grganja, as well as red varieties cabernet sauvignon and merlot are grown. 

Teran is an indigenous Slovenian wine protected with a recognized traditional terandesignation and produced from the refošk grape variety. We recognize this wine by the »teran PTP« designation and by the »izbrani teran PTP« for wines of very high quality. Its distinctive traits are intensive dark ruby red color, special fruit bouquet, fullness of aroma, higher concentration of lactic acid than in other wines and high extract. Teran is a young wine of full taste; with maturing, its characteristics are completely changed and gradually become more similar to red wines from around the world – such wine is called teranton. Teran has a moderate alcohol level, typically higher total acids and lactic acid, that gives the wine its velvety softness. In comparison with other red wines, it has typically higher concentrations of polyphenol substances. That is why it is considered a health-promoting wine. 

Teran PTP is dry wine, served at room temperature together with prosciutto, spicy cheese, venison meat, dry-smoked meat products and red meat. Teran is often used as a secondary ingredient in Karst regional cuisine, for example in the preparation of various types of sauces. Teran liqueur also derives from traditional Karst cookery; it is a sweet, aromatic wine made from an ancient Karst recipe. Teran liqueur goes well with sweets such as štruklji (rolled dumplings), orehova potica (nut roll), etc.

Vitovska grganja or vitovska wine is an old local vine whose white dry wine with a fresh aroma of fruit and white blossoms has nowadays been gradually filling barrels of Karst cellars again. It is a refreshing wine that can be drunk alone, not just with meals, and has a mild taste of almonds. The wine is elegant and has moderate alcohol content. Vitovska wine should be cooled to 12°C and served with light dishes such as pasta, fish, seafood, white meat or vegetables.

Malvasia wine is a variety that has been grown historically in the Mediterranean region and thrives in the Karst soil. The wine is of straw-like yellow color with green hue. Its aroma resembles acacia blossoms, exotic fruit or even white pepper. It is a moderately dry wine with intense taste and a medium alcohol content. Malvasia wine, cooled to 12°C, is served with fish, risotto, white meat and fresh cheese.

In addition to pleasantly dry wines, the soil surrounding the Karst wine road is an excellent basis for the production of superb sparkling wines. The processes of sparkling wine production and the wines they are made of differ from one another; however, they are all distinguished by the characteristic freshness of Karst wines. Sparkling wines are divided into red and white Karst sparkling wines.


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