Spirits and liqueurs

Karst people usually cook spirits from grape marc and juniper berries, while a plum brandy is recognizable for the Brkini. Karst juniper brandy and Brkini plum brandy are both protected with a geographical designation.

Brkini has always been known for its plum brandy. it is a first class domestic brandy made from home grown plums. A lot of attention has to be paid to preparing the fruit mash, fermentation and destillation. Local producers have always achieved excellent results in contests. You have to taste it. And it does not go off; they say that properly stored brandy only keeps getting better for forty years, and after that it loses none of its quality. Authentic Indigenous plums give Brkini plum brandy an enticing and tender fruit taste and aroma.

The Karst soil and climate are ideal for juniper. Pastures and deserted meadows are full of juniper bushes, which produce berries every two or even three years. Juniper berries only grow on female plants. Berry harvesting begins in the second half of August and ends at the start of winter. They have a pleasant, aromatic smell and sweet, resinous taste. For thousands of years, people have been using them as a medicine. The main component is the essential oil. It substantially enhances blood circulation of mucous membranes and body tissues, and stimulates gland activity. Tea from juniper berries stimulates digestion, helps with lung and respiratory infections, enhances kidney activity, helps with rheumatism and influences the blood circulation in abdominal cavity. Berries are also used for producing juniper brandy and oil that is used for skin problems and for inhalation to treat colds. It helps with a number of conditions. 

Juniper brandy is a high quality spirit and is used for remedial purposes. Because of its specialty and tradition, it was protected with a geographical designation in 2003, with requirements for its preparation. Alcoholic fermentation of ground juniper berries lasts approximately three weeks and is followed by double distillation. Juniper brandy develops a harmonious, full taste only after six months of maturing. 


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