The fame of Brkini fruit, especially its exceptional flavour, has been created by the mixture of Mediterranean and continental influences that do battle right over Brkini.

The bracing climate, with large temperature differences between day and night, adequate precipitation, sufficient sun and favourable soil composition contribute to the supreme quality of the fruit. Here the conditions are right for apples, plums, pears and cherries. It is not just that nature offers people delicious fruits, but also that the locals are skilled at using them to prepare health-giving vinegar, flavoursome juices and dried fruits.

The fruit-growing district of Brkini has roughly 120 fruit growers and the total area of orchards of apples, pears, plums, hazels, marasca cherries, peaches and cherries is 153 hectares. Around 266 thousand trees are planted on 140 ha of apple orchards with this biggest share held by the Idared variety followed by Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Elstar, Gala, Gloster, Braeburn, Mutsu, Melrose and other, newer varieties.

Brkini have not only apple plantations but also many meadow orchards and individual fruit trees planted on slopes along the fields. According to statistical estimates, there are additionally roughly 70 000 plum trees, 50 000 apple trees, 6 500 pear trees, 6 200 cherry trees and 5 270 walnut trees.


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