Cured meat

The secret recipe for tasty and diverse Karst dry-cured meat products lies is guarded by the Karst bora wind. 

Only the prosciutto that goes through the traditional process of dry salting, long drying and curing, can be labelled with a designation of origin. Other dry-cured meat products are no less unique. Karst pancetta and Karst pork neck, for example, have been laberlled with the protected designation of origin, thus ensuring that traditional methods will not be forgotten.

Protected geographical designations for Karst meat products are based on favorable climate as well as creative knowledge and skills of wine makers. Karst people provide for the authentic preservation of the dry-salting and long drying and maturing tradition. Karst meat products represent gastronomic culture of the Karst region.

There is no doubt that savoury rose red Karst pršut is of the best quality among dry meat products. In appereance, it is similar to prosciuttos from other Mediterranean countries. Pršut has the most distinctive smell and taste of all dry-meat products, even after eating we can still remember its pleasnt smell and aroma which depends on the stage of maturity. Whenever we offer pršut to our guests, we show them our care and respect.

For the production of kraška panceta, meaty bacon is used. Meaty parts are evenly red with a distinctive smell and aroma of matured meat. It is served cut into tiny slices.

Kraški zašinek is dried and matured neck meat with a rose red color, full aroma and high nutrition value.

The Karst people have always given great attention to the production of sausages and salamis. Matured sausages and salamis are served with home-made bread and wine.

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