Lojze Spacal Gallery

Lojze Spacal Gallery

Become more familiar with the opus of one of Slovenia’s most prominent Slovenian fine artists.

Lojze Spacal (1907–2000) is regarded as one of the most prominent fine artists in the Slovenian and Italian area after World War II. He is a world-established artist who achieved his creative peak in graphic techniques, particularly linocut and woodcut. He also created using other techniques such as oil on canvass, mosaic, tapestry making and fresco as well as with different mixed techniques, e.g. a combination of sculpting-relief and painting. He goes down in history as an artist of Istria and the Karst since he derived his motifs from both regions, transforming them into his own artistic expression.

In the Štanjel village, in part of the castle that was first renovated after World War II, a permanent exhibition of Spacal’s works of art was mounted in 1988. The gallery also hosts temporary exhibitions from time to time. It is a space where workshops of graphic art and other fine art techniques are held, along with different cultural events such as concerts and presentations of new publications. The gallery premises are available for renting, i.e. the multimedia hall on the upper floor is suitable for conferences and seminars. Since 1997, the Spacal Gallery has also been an official marriage registry office.

Opening hours


  • Wednesday–Friday: 9.00–12.00 and 12.30–17.00
  • Saturday, Sunday, holidays: 10.00–12.00 and 12.30–18.00


  • Wednesday–Sunday: 10.00–12.00 and 12.30–16.00
  • For groups
  • Accessible tourism
  • Family with children

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