The Rodik Mythical Park

The Rodik Mythical Park

Experience & revive the mythical landscape

The Rodik Mythical Park offers a unique active experience in nature enriched by the local mythical tradition. Two marked thematic trails reveal the written mythical stories and artistic creations, all set in a natural environment.

The mythical landscape thus features the materialised folk oral tradition that people relied on to make sense of their place and role in the world. The traditions reflect how people used to experience the world around them, and explain how they and their community originated, the creation of the world, including the living environment and living beings, as well as life and death.

Above the village of Rodik in Brkini, the Mythical Park sheds light on the local mythical heritage with 12 stone markers and sculptures, each equipped with a letterbox that contains the record of a mythical story. The artistic stone markers are placed at mystical points along two thematic trails: the Lintver Trail and the Baba Trail

This unique experience of nature, intertwining both artistic and mythical expressions, starts at the Visitor Centre in Rodik, from where you continue to discover the mythical landscape that is invisible to the eye. Two options are available: on foot or by bike. You can explore the mythical world by yourself using a mobile app (scan the QR code) or with a map in your hand, but the best adventure is when in the company of an experienced local guide.

Discovering the hidden mythical landscape where mythological creatures live is suitable for children and adults alike.

Visitors are advised to wear appropriate outdoor footwear and clothing.

Opening hours

January–April October–December: Mon–Fri: 9:00–15:00; Sat-Sun and holidays: 9:00–16:00
May–June in September: Mon–Fri: 8:00–16:00; Sat–Sun and holidays: 8:00–17:00
July–August: Mon-Sun and holidays: 8:00–18:00
December 25 and January 1: closed

Prior reservation is required for groups.


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