Rebula Winery – wine tasting and tour of the winemaking farm

1–2 hours

At the Rebula farm, groups of visitors are invited to a tour of the wine cellar where, during a guided tasting, they taste a broad range of domestic wines and sparkling wines. This is followed by a tour of the estate and the sights of Brestovica village, such as the Chapel of St Anastasia, the nearby effluent cave and swallow hole as well as the ancient village settlement.

We also offer a culinary treat, including homemade dry-cured meat products.

The package includes:

  • tasting of wines and sparkling wines,
  • a tour of the estate, including the wine cellar.

Opening hours

Guided tastings are only available by prior arrangement.

1–2 hours
Language of experience
Slovenian, English, Italian
Number of persons
from €12.00/person

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