The Grgur Ethnological Museum in Brestovica pri Povirju

The Grgur Ethnological Museum in Brestovica pri Povirju

This house museum presents how people once lived in the Karst.

In the Grgur homestead located in the village of Brestovica pri Povirju, an ethnological house museum is calling on you to visit it. The over 500 exhibits form part of the material and cultural heritage of the Karst. In their own special way, the items tell the story of the social status and life of our ancestors who lived on a typical Karst farm.

Part of the museum collection is exhibited in a renovated barn and includes various tools for wood-cutting, carpentry and stone-cutting, cattle yokes, tools for harvesting, hay harvesting and storing, a dairy, part of an open-hearth kitchen, basket weaving, sewing, shoemaking and much more. A museum peculiarity is a miniature wooden decorative house.

Opening hours

By prior arrangement. 


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