The European Cultural Route of Saint Martin of Tours

8 hrs 45 min (main route)
Fitness level required
The Route of Saint Martin (Via Sancti Martini), covering a total of 2,500 km from Szombathely in Hungary to Tours in France, also crosses Slovenia.
The third section of the route starts in Logatec, leads to the state border with Italy near Opatje selo and continues to Doberdob, the first big settlement in neighbouring Italy. It connects St Martin’s sanctuaries as well as natural and cultural heritage, and it also features tourist facilities providing refreshments to hikers.
The main route leads from Logatec to Opatje selo (near the Italian border). From the Ošterija Branik restaurant, which is the last control point in the Vipava Valley, the route continues across the Karst. It climbs to the little village of Pedrovo and, across the Železna vrata pass, continues to the top of Mt Trstelj. It leads past the Stjenkova Hut towards Cerje and then descends from Renška vrata to the village of Kostanjevica na Krasu where the Church of St
Martin stands. From there it continues across the “gmajna” grasslands past the Borojevič Throne to the village of Lokvica and soon reaches Opatje selo where hikers can have their hiking booklets stamped in the Gostilna Štirna restaurant. The final section of the Slovenian route leads past a shrine up to the Italian state border and continues through the small villages of Hišarji and Brni to Doberdob.

Under a pointy top, in the village of Gaberje in the Vipava Valley, hikers can also choose an alternative route towards Štanjel and across the Železna vrata pass to Trstelj.

From the village of Gaberje, where the Church of St Martin is located, the route descends to the valley of Branica. It climbs to Štanjel and along the Spacal Trail leads through the villages of Kobjeglava and Mali Dol across the Karst. In the vicinity of Sveti Martin Hill, where once a church was located, it reaches the village of Škrbina, above which it joins the main Route of St Martin under Sv. Katarina Hill, leading from Branik and Pedrovo, and continues across the Železna vrata pass to Mt Trstelj.

Walking time:

Branik–Trstelj: 3 hrs
Trstelj–Opatje selo: 4 hrs 15 min
Opatje selo–Doberdob: 1 hr 30 min
8 hrs 45 min (main route)
asphalt, macadam
Fitness level required
medium high
Sights along the trail
  • the village of Pedrovo,
  • the Church of St Martin in Kostanjevica na Krasu,
  • the Borojevič Throne,
  • the Karst “gmajna” grasslands,
  • dry-stone walls and traditional stone houses,
  • the medieval village of Štanjel.

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