The Divača Cave

The Divača Cave

The Divača Cave invites all with its unusual beauty and peace.

In the vicinity of Divača, along the Divača–Lokev road, there is the Divača Cave that is waiting for you to explore it. It has been arranged for tourist visits since the end of the 19th century. The cave forms part of the comprehensive system of collapse dolines, chasms and karst caves shaped over time in this area by the Reka River. This is the very same Reka River that sinks into the world famous Škocjan Caves not far from here.

The cave is famous for its extremely interesting formations created by calcareous sinter over millions of years. This breath-taking karst phenomenon, i.e. deposits of calcium carbonate from fresh water, creates dripstones and other forms that are beyond imagination. The cave is home to many species of cave animals and other types of organisms. The history of the Divača Cave also contains visits by famous people. Cave visitors include the Austro-Hungarian crown prince Rudolph, after whom the cave was for some time named “Rudolf Vilenica”, and Sigmund Freud, the famous psychoanalyst. 

The cave features a well-arranged and illuminated path of about 500 metres that is suitable for visitors of any age. The cave temperature is 8 °C and the visit takes some 1.5 hrs.

Access to the cave

Follow the signs along the Divača–Lokev road.

We also recommend a slightly different trip. Arrive in Divača by train and, from the train station, walk along the Divača Karst Nature Trail, through the karst forest, passing alongside large collapse dolines.

Opening hours

From 1 May to 3 October: every Saturday and Sunday at 10.00.

In July and August: every day at 10.00 and 12.00.

Organised groups can visit the cave at any time, by prior arrangement.


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