Srečko Kosovel Trail

7 km
2.5 hours
Fitness level required

Memorial trail of the Karst’s greatest poet

This easy trail, leading through small forests of pine trees, across gmajna grasslands and past vineyards, is dedicated to the memory of Srečko Kosovel, the great Slovenian avant-garde poet. The trail starts in front of his birth house in Sežana which today features a memorial room. It leads around the Tabor Hill and continues on a cart track until the village of Tomaj and the Kosovel homestead, where the poet lived. On the way, you’ll pass through the village of Šmarje, the easily accessible Pustov Hram Cave and many vineyards, constantly reminding you are in the heart of the Karst.  The Kosovel homestead will greet you with a memorial collection of the Kosovel family that includes items from the times this poet, who died early, lived and wrote.

Length of trail
7 km
2.5 hours
Fitness level required
Sights along the trail
  • Pustov Hram Cave
  • Srečko Kosovel’s Memorial Room
  • Kosovel homestead
TIC Dutovlje
TIC Sežana

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