45 km
Fitness level required

Attractive altitude challenge

Kozina – Tumova koča na Slavniku – Skadanščina – Markovščina – Artviže – Gradišica – Rodik – Kozina

From the starting point in Kozina, the trail leads south, rising up the steep slope of Mt Slavnik (1,028 m), featuring the Tumova Hut at the top of it, which is a very popular cycling destination that offers splendid views of the Adriatic Sea, the Alps and Mt Snežnik. The winding trail, which once in a while narrows to become a footpath, descends to Matarsko podolje, a unique dry valley. It is the most comprehensive example of contact karst in Slovenia, where flysch and limestone bedrock meet. The water flowing from Brkini with flysch bedrock sinks where it makes contact with the karst limestone, thereby creating 13 blind valleys. Passing through these valleys, the cycle trail leads to the village of Markovščina and continues via several picturesque Brkinian villages. It rises up to Artviže and the 817-metre hill above the village, which is the highest peak in Brkini, featuring the Chapel of St. Socerb. It then descends towards the village of Rodik where you can take a break just a stone’s throw from the trail and explore the famous Ajdovščina archaeological site. The cycle trail is a true backcountry touring cycling adventure for the lovers of gravity-driven fast descents.

Length of trail
45 km
Total ascent
1.528 elevation meters
Suitable for
mountain bike
asphalt, macadam
Fitness level required
Sights along the trail
  • the lookout at Mt Slavnik
  • the Matarsko podolje valley
  • the Ajdovščina archaeological site above Rodik
TIC Hrpelje - Kozina

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