Širca-Kodrič Winery

Širca-Kodrič Winery

The Vinarstvo Širca-Kodrič winery is the inspiration and hard work of two winemakers: Edvin Širca and Stane Kodrič. In the village of Godnje, which enjoys good winemaking conditions, the Širca family grafted the Refosco grapevine and supplied it to the entire Karst. The same grapevine is today used to make the exquisite Teran wine.

With much respect for their ancestors, they nourish and modernise their vineyards. The many gold and silver medals from different competitions are a testament to the excellent work involved. They will take you on a tour of the wine cellar, featuring large oak barrels, where Teran matures, as well as barriques and stainless steel vessels in which Malvazija and Vitovska Grganja mature. Explore the endless flavour intricacies in the company of your hosts.

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Only by prior arrangement.


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