Rodman Beekeeping Poetry

2 hrs

The Rodman Beekeeping Poetry programme is a chance to get to know better how bees live and work, as their existence is vital for the existence of humankind. Moreover, visitors are acquainted with all apicultural products and can taste them. Our products are also on sale.

You may also spend part of the day with us and try your own beekeeping skills. You will:

  • learn about the importance of beekeeping,
  • meet one of our bee families,
  • learn about the visible parts of a bee’s body,
  • discover which beehive types people used to build in the past and which types today,
  • take a look at the beekeeper’s protective clothing and beekeeping tools,
  • learn about the importance of bees for pollination, especially for the forming of fruit,
  • get to know bee products and how they are used,
  • learn about the role of honey in nutrition and also taste our honey,
  • learn about some honey drinks.

Opening hours

A visit is only available by prior arrangement.

2 hrs
Language of experience
Number of persons
from 5 to 50
EUR 5/person

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