Sadjarska kmetija Renko in Slivje (fruit farm)

30 min

The fifth generation of farmers from the Renko farm will warmly greet you in their fruit orchards in the village of Slivje. Welcome to this fruit paradise and be ready to taste delicious natural apple and balsamic vinegars, apple juice, jams, brandies and liqueurs.
The Renko family farm is located in Brkini where the conditions are perfect for growing the most delicious and aromatic varieties of apples, pears and plums. All types of fruits are grown organically and in a nature-friendly manner and the farm has received many awards and prizes for its excellent Brkinian fruit delicacies.

Offer includes:

  • Tasting of Karst culinary specialties
    Includes: 3 samples of house specialties, a glass of non-alcoholic drink and presentation of the production process
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Price: €12/person

Opening hours

  • Monday (at 11.00, 15.00, 18.00)
  • Tuesday (at 11.00, 15.00, 18.00)
  • Wednesday (at 11.00, 15.00, 18.00)
  • Thursday (at 11.00, 15.00, 18.00)
  • Friday (at 11.00, 15.00, 18.00)
  • Saturday (at 11.00, 15.00, 18.00)
  • Sunday (at 11.00, 15.00, 18.00)

Contact person: Nika Renko
Telephone: 00 386 31 267 256
E-mail: nika.renko@gmail.com

To register, first reserve your intended date and arrival time by telephone or e-mail.

30 min
Language of experience
Slovenian, English, Croatian

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