Tips for a green visit to the Karst and Brkini tourist destination
November 7th, 2021

Tips for a green visit to the Karst and Brkini tourist destination

Slovenia is one of the greenest countries on planet Earth. According to the standards of Green Destinations, it is the first country entirely rated green

You have arrived at a green destination. Karst and Brkini in following the path of sustainable development by joining the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism. This national programme provides a framework for the award of the Slovenia Green label, which is a commitment to a green future.

By following the instructions below you will help us develop and keep our destination green.

Be green before you even arrive in Karst and Brkini

  • Travel to Karst and Brkini by train, then continue your yourney by bus to reach the Karst and Brkini region, or seek an airline that invests in a programme for reducing its environmental footprint.
  • Seek accommodation at a provider that strives to operate in a sustainable manner throught responsible management of natural resources and waste. 

Travel green and preserve the nature and landscape

  • Visit our protected area.
  • Karst and Brkini is perfect for leisurely exploration. Walk on the well-kept and marked trails; every walk outside designated trails can cause biotic imbalances to flora and fauna.
  • Be romantic without stomping on grass to pick flowers.
  • Explore the dynamic landscape by bicycle.

Protect the environment and climate

  • Feel the Karst and Brkini as a green outdoor home. Make sure you separate your waste and deposit it in designated places.
  • In Karst and Brkini you can drink tap water wherever you go. Use a reusable water bottle.
  • Help us preserve Slovenia’s rich water resources by opting for a quick shower instead of a bath, and by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • Help us conserve energy by using your towels and bed linen more than once.
  • Use environmentally-friendly soaps and cosmetic products that do not damage the delicate natural ecosystems.
  • Do not interfere with natural frequencies – unplug your devices whenever possible.

Respect the culture and tradition

  • The Slovenian language has helped to preserve the country’s culture and made the nation’s sovereignty possible. Pick up a few words and you will be bringing out smiles among the locals all the time. Hello = dober dan, thank you = hvala, how are you? = kako ste?, this is good = to je zelo dobro.
  • Buy local by visiting shops selling local produce and products.
  • Support local food producers; support farmers by ordering food made of local ingredients, and local craftsmen and artists by showing appreciation and buying their work.
  • Experience Karst's and Brkini's diverse cuisine. Choose typical dishes: Karst prosciutto, Karst honey, Karst juniper brandy, Brkinian plum brandy, Teran,
  • The best way to get to know Karst and Brkini culture is to hire a local guide who will know everything there is to know about the local environment and community.
  • Visit museums, galleries and other cultural sites to help preserve top artworks.
  • Attend heritage-focused events which will allow you to understand Slovenian customs and traditions. (Teran and Prosciutto Festival, St. Martin's festival in the Karst, Karst Lavender festival, Brkini fruit route festival, Railway festival, Day of the Lipica Stud Farm …)

Keep green Slovenia and the destination of Karst and Brkini in your heart as a memory and a »taste of home«. It is something we internalise, as a memory of the closeness and warmth of our home and those we love. It is something that may have been lost and that we seek; somewhere where mankind has maintained genuine contact with nature. That's how it is here …

  • The most beautiful gift you can take home with you is a handmade souvenir with a certificate. Find one you like in shops bearing the logo of Art & Craft Slovenia.
  • Share your experience with your friends and help us promote the green frame of mind.
  • Open your heart to green habits, and continue them even after you return from your holiday.

Thank you for walking the green path with us.

Welcome to the Karst and Brkini!

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