A Green tourism in Kras and Brkini

A Green tourism in Kras and Brkini

Recognising our responsibility to preserve the environment and create prosperity for future generations, the Kras and Brkini destination strives to promote green thinking and green tourism. We want tourists who visit our destination – the towns and rural villages in Kras and Brkini – to notice our efforts for sustainability and join in.

Establishing a certified system for managing environmental impacts and obtaining an internationally recognised symbol of sustainability are the most effective mechanisms that tourism providers can use to reinforce their commitment and demonstrate their environmental awareness to visitors, partners, and the community.

Environmental certificates give a feeling of comfort, creating an expectation of healthy accommodation, healthy food, and a healthy environment for tourists and staff alike.
Symbol of sustainability Name of tourism provider Obtained in
Hotel st. Daniel, Hruševica 2017

Kogoj Restaurant & accommodation, Bilje

Bistro Grad Štanjel, Štanjel

Mahorčič Restaurant, Rodik

Pliskovica Youth Hostel, Pliskovica

Špacapanova hiša Restaurant, Komen

Tourist farm Leban, Lipa

Grad Štanjel, Štanjel

Hiša posebne sorte Restaurant, Kodreti

Krasna Guesthouse, Lokev

Tmbin's barn, Povir

Grad Štanjel House, Štanjel

Hotel Maestoso, Lipica













Gostišče Risnik s prenočišči, Divača

Shamarè Resort and Spa, Hrpelje



Park Škocjanske jame, Matavun



Hotel Prunk, Sežana 2024

These environmental symbols mean that the certified facilities meet strict criteria. The providers who obtain an environmental symbol also join the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, a national programme and certification scheme operated by SLOVENIA GREEN. The scheme brings together endeavours for sustainable tourism development in Slovenia, and offers tools that providers can use to assess and improve the sustainability of their operations. The Slovenia Green brand is used to promote green activities.

By joining the scheme, these providers have shown that they are actively involved in spreading green policies, and encouraging other stakeholders to participate in them, thus becoming ambassadors of environmental protection.

The certificates will enable them to position themselves on the Slovenian, European, and global markets as an environmentally and socially friendly restaurant and/or accommodation facility.

The Kras and Brkini destination is also dedicated to sustainable development. In 2017, four municipalities in the region joined the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism individually, but in 2021, we are taking our first green steps together as the Kras and Brkini destination. You are welcome to join our efforts to create a sustainable destination during your visit to Kras and Brkini. Take a look at these green tips for your visit.

Thank you for walking the green path with us.

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