Wild flavours of the Karst

Wild flavours of the Karst

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    The Karst
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Divji okusi Krasa

Young, green asparagus, herbs and other wild plants invite you to come taste the wonder of spring. The local tourist farms and restaurants prepare original dishes from local, wild Karst plants. Satisfy your palate with culinary treats and get to know the special ingredients that give food such an exquisite taste.

The karst gmajna grasslands and forest edges are renowned for their extraordinary biodiversity, yet not many people know that several wild plants can be eaten. You’ll be amazed not only by the special taste but by the fact these plants are very healthy. The wild flavours of spring are unrivalled in the Karst.

Organisers: Društvo Planta, Zavod za šport, turizem in prosti čas Sežana, Javni zavod Komenski Kras

Culinary offer

5th April - 5th May


Tomaj 53, 6210 Sežana
T: +386 (0)5 764 06 73, +386 (0)31 306 919
E: skerlj.tomaj@gmail.com
W: www.tk-skerlj.si

MENU: ‘Spring wild-plant menu’

  • Wild soup with toasted croutons and wild hops
  • Hand-reared rabbit in a sauce, with nettle rolls and crispy asparagus
  • Minty ice-cream, chocolate crumble and cornelian cherry dressing

Price: €19.00


Lokev 7a, 6219 Lokev
T: +386 (0) +386 (0)41 361 729
E: gostilnasila@gmail.com


  • Spread made from wild herbs and young cheese
  • Asparagus with prosciutto
  • Pork fillet with sautéed vegetables and asparagus-filled rolled dumplings
  • Plum dumpling with honey crust

Price: €22.00


Coljava 5, 6223 Komen
T: +386 (0)5 766 87 08, +386 (0)31 303 523
E: sandrapelicon@gmail.com
W: www.ostrouska-pelicon.com

MENU: ‘Asparagus menu’

  • Welcome aperitif
  • Cold cuts (selection of hand-prepared meats) and a serving of frtalja (scrambled eggs) with herbs
  • Asparagus soup
  • Pork loin or roast pork with side dishes (barley with asparagus, pan-fried mashed potato, side dish according to the season)
  • Home-made dessert
  • Glass of Rosé wine

Price: €20.00

Theme-based event: 27.4.2019 from 10:30 to 13:30.

Practical get-together: picking dandelion and using it in the kitchen. We will create culinary specialties using dandelion.
Places limited, prior registration required: 031 303 523 (Sandra).

Price: €20.00


Štorje 27, 6210 Sežana
T: +386 (0)5 768 54 09, +386 (0)41 725 504
@: gostilna.skok@gmail.com
W: www.gostilna-skok.com


  • Stag carpaccio, baby shoots of wild plants and young goat cheese (from the Žerjal farm in Tomaj)
    Price: €11.00
  • Vegetable patty with wild asparagus and nettle on a wild plant mush
    Price: €9.00
  • Roast lamb (from the Božeglav organic farm in Štorje) and potato purée with wild garlic
    Price: €16.00
  • Yoghurt dessert with winter savoury and elderflower
    Price: €4.00

Theme-based event: 30.4.2019 at 10:30

Cooking workshop using wild plants of the Karst
In spring, the Karst is a wonderful place to enjoy nature and the abundance of edible wild plants. During a brief walk through a private garden, we shall pick edible wild plants (self-sown) and as a group prepare three dishes using them. At the end, we’ll enjoy lunch together comprising everything we’ve created.

The workshop is run by Sandra Pelicon from the Ostrouška Pelicon tourist farm and the staff at the Gostilna Skok restaurant.
Planned workshop duration: 3 hours
Places are limited. Prior registration required: +386 (0)5 768 54 09 or gostilna.skok@gmail.com

Price per person: €25.00. 


Pedrovo 9, 5295 Branik
T: +386(0)40 348 464
@: info@kmetija-toncevi.si


  • Frtalja (scrambled eggs) with wild herbs, prosciutto, pancetta and cheese
  • Creamy green soup made using wild plants
  • Tagliatelle with Teran wine and wild asparagus
  • Teran wine sorbet
  • Roast beef, roast potatoes with winter savoury and vegetables or wild garlic spoon dumplings with grilled cheese in asparagus sauce
  • Dessert
  • Home-baked bread
  • Coffee or homemade liqueur

Price: €29.00

Theme-based events: 
6.4.2019 at 18:00
Dishes made in an open fireplace – at the end of the world
4-course tasting menu prepared in an open fireplace, just like our grandmothers used to do; accompanied by selected wines from the renowned Slovenian winemaker Matjaž Berce from the Posestvo Berce estate in Draga. Prior registration required.

14.4.2019 at 13:00 Dishes made in an open fireplace – at the end of the world
4-course tasting menu prepared in an open fireplace, just like our grandmothers used to do; accompanied by a sampling of selected wines from Ivo Kobal from Štanjel, a recognised Slovenian oenologist, winemaker and expert on making sparkling wine. Prior registration required.


Lokev 78, 6219 Sežana T: +386 (0)40 477 804, +386 (0)40 578 564
@: go@okusikrasa.si
W: www.okusikrasa.si


  • Cold starter: steamed trout, young spinach and herbs, yoghurt
  • Warm starter: homemade pasta, wild asparagus, parsnip and parsley
  • Main course: beef medallion, Jerusalem artichoke and raspberries

Price 3-course menu: €28.00


Komen 85, 6223 Komen
T: +386 (0)30 226 390
@: info@spacapan.si
W: www.spacapan.si


  • Welcome treats accompanied by sourdough bread
  • Beef carpaccio and wild asparagus
  • Wild garlic soup and wild vegetables
  • Trout, spring fritters and caviar
  • Ravioli, cottage cheese and fresh herbs
  • Asparagus sorbet, dehydrated yogurt and olive oil
  • Lamb, potato patty, lamb pâté and spring vegetables
  • Millefoglie with sheep cheese cream

Price: €45.00 (5 courses), €68.00 (8 courses)

Theme-based event: 

Tasting of wine, cold meats and brandy
You’ll get to taste three wines from our wine list. While learning about how prosciutto is traditionally made, you will taste original Karst prosciutto that has been dry-cured for at least 30 months, and savour some salami, dry-cured pork neck, loin or sausage. You’ll also be served fresh, home-baked bread made using stone-ground flour. The session will be rounded off with two of our favourite brandies.

Price: €20/person


Kobjeglava 63a
6222 Štanjel
Tel.: +386 (0)5 731 00 80, +386 (0)31 356 138
@: kobjeglava@gmail.com
W: www.q-komel.com


  • Welcome appetiser
  • Komel 36+ prosciutto, salami, local cheeses and frtalja (scrambled eggs) with spring herbs
  • Creamy nettle soup, crunchy pasta, hard-boiled quail egg
  • Homemade potato gnocchi with karst herbs, smoked cottage cheese and ghee
  • Duck leg with spring leaves, pear poached in Teran liqueur and bread crunchies
  • Sage ice-cream, hazelnut crumble and mahaleb cherry flower cream

Price: €40.00
You can choose a 4-course menu or individual dishes.


Kodreti 15, 6222 Štanjel
T: +386(0)5 769 00 00, + 386 (0)41 728 619
@: info@sorta.si


  • White asparagus on a spring salad with wild garlic oil, lemon, young cheese and pomegranate
  • Leek cream soup with hemp oil
  • Roast pork fillet wrapped in Karst pancetta with a herb sauce, roasted yellow polenta and a Karst pasty, green asparagus
  • Combined dessert of a special sort

Price: €26.00

Theme-based event: 1.5.2019
Up to the hills between Branica and Vipava by bike. 
Guided cycling tour. Prior registration required.


Volčji Grad 40, 6223 Komen
T: +386 (05) 766 82 45, +386 (0)40 644 121
E: prikamnarjevih@amis.net
W: www.prikamnarjevih.com 
Working hours: Friday to Sunday and holidays from noon to 10 p. m.


  • Asparagus à la Kamnarjevo
    Price: €6.50
  • Spelt pasta with karst herb pesto, sheep cheese and lemon grass
    Price: €9.50
  • Tarragon cheese cake with honey and walnuts
    Price: €5.50

Theme-based event: 13.4. and 27.4.2019 at 10:00
Guided tour of the Pri Kamnarjevih biodynamic farm
Guided farm tour, including a presentation of sustainable farming and tasting of products.
Price: €15.00/person (up to 3 persons €50.00


Gorjansko 84c
6223 Komen
T: +386 (0)5 766 81 94, +386 (0)31 309 119
E: pepi.jez@amis.net


  • Welcome appetiser
  • Scrambled eggs with wild asparagus, spruce tips of goji berries, fennel, melissa, mint…
  • Dry-cured homemade sausage
  • Young cheese with chive, olive oil and garlic
  • Pasta with dandelion, young nettle, spruce tips of goji berries, wild asparagus,
  • aromatic karst herbs and sautéed pancetta…
  • Slowly roasted pork ribs prepared beside grapevine wood, with a selected side dish
  • Spring dessert
  • Fresh home-baked bread

Price: €30.00

Theme-based event: 13.4.2019 at 18:00
Spring menu with wild flavours of the Karst, tasting of Čotar wines and tour of the wine cellar. 
Price of menu, including tasting and wine cellar tour: €45.00/person


Štanjel 1a
6222 Štanjel
T: +386(0)5 731 00 70, +386(0)41 447 854
@: info@gradstanjel.si


  • Oven-baked prosciutto, egg, horseradish spread, asparagus hummus
  • Wild garlic cream soup, marinated young sheep cheese, cornmeal crumble
  • Homemade gnocchi with herbs, egg, Karst pancetta, mature Tabor cheese
  • Cottage cheese pie with asparagus

Price: €22.00

Theme-based event, 27.4.2019
‘Wild flavours of the Karst in the castle courtyard’ by Bistro grad Štanjel


Škrbina 62, 6223 Komen
T: +386 (0)31 867 632
E: tjasa.komel@siol.net,
W: www.buntovi.si

OPEN FARM DAY KMETIJA BUNTOVI, 27. April from 10 a. m. to 7. p. m. 10:00

The farm lies in the heart of the Komen Karst, in the small village of Škrbina, located just 3 km away from the village of Komen. We are winegrowers and our main product is the red Teran wine, while the Vitovska Grganja wine is also produced in limited quantities. Besides winemaking, we grow aromatic and other herbs as well as spices, all being ingredients in the products we make, like tea, soap…. We also grow spelt and buckwheat on small plots and grind it to make flour in our home stone mill.

Price: wine tasting 2,00 euro


Društvo Planta, T: +386 31 303 523

TIC Sežana, T: +386 5 731 01 28, E: tic.sezana@visitkras.info

TIC Štanjel, T: +386 5 769 00 56, E: info@stanjel.eu

What’s up in the Karst?

Don’t miss out on interesting tradition-inspired events accompanied by genuine flavours of the local culinary scene ...

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