The Small Karst Marathon

The Small Karst Marathon

Rescheduled 21. 3. 2021

The Small Karst Marathon is the first major recreational running event of the season.The route of this half-marathon (21,098 m) is varied, not too demanding and mainly on asphalt. It starts on the streets of Sežana and continues along an asphalt road to Lipica, where it crosses the national border. It leads from the Italian Basovizza (Bazovica) to the villages of Padriciano (Padriče) and Trebiciano (Trebče) before returning to Slovenia, via the Orlek village and back to Sežana.

The route of the Karst 10 Marathon (10.4 km) starts in Sežana and runs along a well-maintained macadam road, through the Karst Living Museum, and back to Sežana. All those enthusiastic about fast walking can choose a special 5,000 m route. Hikers can join in the organised walk through the Karst Living Museum.

Zavod za Šport, turizem in prosti čas
Kosovelova ulica 5, Sežana
t: +386 5 730 14 80
e: info@sport-sezana.com

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