Spring colours of Karst and Brkini

Spring colours of Karst and Brkini

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    Karst, Brkini
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This spring, don’t miss the opportunities to explore the magnificent world of the Karst and Brkini.
Meet our true colours. 

Wild flavours and exploring of the wonderful world

  • active relaxation among the wonders of nature
  • wandering in the footsteps of ancient settlements and their stories
  • discovering the genuine flavours of karst grassland and Brkini hills

15 April – 15 May Wild flavours of the Karst and Brkini

month of dishes with wild plants

  • offer of dishes with wild plants in restaurants and on tourist farms
  • wine tastings accompanied by a dish containing wild plants
  • tastings of cheeses, jams, and other local delicacies with wild plants
  • seasonal breakfasts with wild flavours in local accommodation facilities

21 April – 29 May Karst Gmajna Festival

Experience the spring colours of the oldest cultural landscape in Europe: guided walks, heritage discovery tours, experiencing life in harmony with nature and heritage

23 April – 28 May Hikes with tastings of local delicacies

Saturday hiking and culinary experiences

  • 23/4 Komen’s Circular Trail - CANCELED
  • 7/5 Teran Circular Trail
  • 21/5 Brkini Fruit Route
  • 28/5 Asparagus Detox Hike

15 April – 29 April Guided tastings of Karst wines with snacks

wine shop Grad Štanjel, on Fridays

23 May – 5 June Week of Kras-Carso Cross-border Geopark

Discover the secrets of the Karst underground, walk through the Karst cave, sample Karst cuisine, and learn about the Karst man's heritage, and much more. Discover the Classic Karst cross-border geopark!

15 April – 5 June Guided outdoor experiences

  • jurneys among tastes and traces of prehistory, experiences in caves and gardens of the Karst


TIC Divača
Kraška cesta 26
6215 Divača
TIC Dutovlje
Dutovlje 65
6221 Dutovlje
TIC Hrpelje - Kozina
Hrpelje, Reška cesta 14
6240 Kozina
TIC Sežana
Partizanska cesta 4
6210 Sežana
TIC Štanjel
Štanjel 1a
6222 Štanjel

What’s up in the Karst?

Don’t miss out on interesting tradition-inspired events accompanied by genuine flavours of the local culinary scene ...

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