Osmica in the Karst 2021

Osmica in the Karst 2021

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Osmica is the traditional sale of wine and other agricultural products directly in homesteads. In the past, this period of ‘sales without taxes’ could only last 8 days a year. That is where the name osmica (‘eight’) comes from. Today, this local peculiarity is a popular way of selling homemade specialties to farm visitors, topped off by socialising and music events.

Karst osmica – some farms organise them twice a year – attracts guests with excellent wines and typical Karst dishes. They are recognised by a wooden signpost and an ivy sprig that remains fresh for exactly eight days.

21 - 30 May 2021 | Kosmina farm
4 - 13 June 2021Osmica Na Lehtah – Leban
11 - 20 June 2021Pri Krčarju
18 - 27 June 2021 | Kujtna domačija
20 - 29 August 2021 | Rebula Winery - Osmica pri Vidi in Dušanu
3 - 12. September Kosmina Farm (offering home-cooked meals)
1 - 9 October 2021Osmica Na Lehtah – Leban
15 - 24 October 2021Pri Krčarju
november 2021 I Tonhovi Farm



Štanjel Castle Visitor Centre
Štanjel 1a
6222 Štanjel
TIC Hrpelje - Kozina
Hrpelje, Reška cesta 14
6240 Kozina
TIC Dutovlje
Dutovlje 65
6221 Dutovlje
TIC Lokev
Lokev 139
6219 Lokev
TIC Sežana
Partizanska cesta 4
6210 Sežana

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