Brkini Fruit Route Festival

Brkini Fruit Route Festival

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The Brkini Fruit Route Festival strives to preserve the flavours and aromas created by the local producers. During this period, tourist and fruit farms as well as local restaurants will offer up one of the many typical Brkinian meals, created around apples, plums and other Brkinian produce. The farms are opening their doors.

The Festival offers a multitude of events and experiences to nourish both your body and soul. Enjoy any of the events or simply come to visit us and pamper your palate!



Visitor center Mitski park Rodik
Rodik 6
6240 Kozina
TIC Hrpelje - Kozina
Hrpelje, Reška cesta 14
6240 Kozina
Občina Divača
Kolodvorska ulica 3a
6215 Divača

What’s up in the Karst?

Don’t miss out on interesting tradition-inspired events accompanied by genuine flavours of the local culinary scene ...

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