21th Chestnut Festival

21th Chestnut Festival

Brkini Fruit Route Festival

The Chestnut Festival celebrates autumn. The locals from Rodik have revived the old tradition of roasting chestnuts on a hot, wood-burning stove top. Local housewives prepare delicious dishes from chestnuts, adding a dash of innovation and skill to the old ways of using this popular forest treat.

This culinary event is accompanied by many entertaining and sports/recreational events.


10.00 ~ Traditional cooking in copper cauldrons, with guest cooks

Cauldron chefs and cooks of other dishes will prepare sauerkraut and sour turnip stew ('jota'), goulash with dumplings, tripe with polenta ('vampi'), bean casserole ('pasulj'), mushrooms from Pregarje with polenta, mixed goulash with potatoes, sweetcorn minestrone ('bobiči'), stew with three types of meat ('bograč'), hunter's goulash, fried potatoes, sauerkraut goulash ('segedin'), sour turnip stew with millet ('bujta repa'), pancakes Rodičinke,...

Teams: Rodik Tourist Society and Rodik Local Community; Rodik Generation 52 and Rodik Generation 78; Mardi Gras Committee from Rodik; 'Rančarji'; Municipality of Hrpelje-Kozina; Šuman's Cauldron; Videž Hunters' Club; Mejame Tourist, Cultural and Sport Society; Bošamarin Team; Association of Cultural Societies from the Municipality of Kidričevo; Skala Kubed Society; 'Čuhownca' from Zagradec; Pregarje Cultural and Tourist Society; Senožeče Cultural and Artistic Society and others

10.00 ~ Cycling tour

Mountain bike tour across Brkini with a total length of 40 km. The pace and the distance will be adjusted to the cyclists.
Participants must have appropriate cycling equipment. They cycle at their own responsibility and in accordance with the applicable road traffic regulations.
The participation fee of EUR 10 includes a guided tour and voucher worth 5 euros, which can be redeemed at the venue for food or drinks.
Cyclists must register 30 minutes before the start.

Register with your full name by sending an e-mail to: valerija.pucko@gmail.com

10.00 ~ Chestnut walking tour

An approximately 3-hour hiking tour along local trails – with experienced guides.
Hikers must register 30 minutes before the start.
The walking tour is organised by the Slavnik Mountaneering Society. 

Information and guidance: Vojko Dobrila, +386 31 585 195

11.00 ~ Chestnut running event

A 5-km run, and a 10-km run for advanced runners.
The running trail crosses local grasslands and forests and leads along well-maintained macadam roads.
The running event is not a competition and time will not be recorded. A surprise awaits the fastest runners!
The participation fee is EUR 10 and includes refreshments along the trail and at the finish and voucher worth 5 euros, which can be redeemed at the venue for food or drinks.
Runners must register 30 minutes before the start.

Information: Valerija Pučko, 041 338 671, valerija.pucko@gmail.com

10.00–13.00 ~ Children’s creative and sports workshop "Autumn in Rodik"

The creative workshops will be guided by mentors and will offer children an opportunity to try out their practical skills using different techniques. Experienced guides of the Mythical park will take children on a short walking tour. Children will learn some mythological stories along the way and go on a treasure hunt.

Information: Breda Geržina, +386 31 379 813

11.30 - 13.00 ~ Exhibition of culinary specialities made from chestnuts and various types of pastry

Using a lot of imagination and skilfulness, the housewives from Rodik will bake delicious sweet specialities. These will be on exhibition until 13.00 and then offered for sale.

11.00 ~ The traditional ‘Na škrabe’ game

Registration at 10.00; registration fee: EUR 10 per person
The organiser will provide ‘škrabe’ (flat stones).
After the competition the winners will be awarded trophies.

Information and organisation: Martin Čepar, +386 40 187 711

From 13.00 onwards ~ music with the ‘Ku Adn’ and Jacksoni music band

15.00 ~ Welcome speech by the Mayor of the Municipality of Hrpelje-Kozina, Saša Likavec Svetelšek

Cutting of the large festive chestnut cake into slices

Throughout the day

  • roasted chestnuts,
  • stalls offering local farmers’ produce as well as local crafts


Turistično društvo Rodik
Rodik 6
6240 Rodik

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