The Karst is green in all respects

The Karst is green in all respects

By: ORA Krasa and Brkinov

Slovenia: a green country.

The international Green Destinations foundation declared Slovenia the greenest destination in the world in 2016. As many as 100 criteria were applied, with Slovenia earning 96 percent of all possible points. 

Karst has the Slovenia Green label.

Most municipalities in the Karst have already received the Slovenia Green label for their sustainability efforts. The Karst is one of the 100 most sustainable tourist destinations in the world. It is committed to the responsible standards of Slovenian tourism, which are marked by the Green & Safe label. What does that mean in the Karst? Water is drinkable and excellent in quality everywhere, we separate waste and promote responsible waste management, we manage all our nature sustainably and pay attention to preserving our natural assets.

The most important values ​​in the Karst are the unspoiled nature, the tradition, and the care for the cultural heritage.

Karst man has the care for nature in his genes. The Karst world, a landscape with little arable land and scarce water sources, taught him responsible behaviour for thousands of years. Today, the Karst is one of the most biologically diverse areas in Europe. It is fascinating that more than 300 species of butterflies live in the Karst area, and that there are more than 25 different species of bats in the Škocjan Caves. The Karst also preserves its exceptional biodiversity in the field of plant species.

A significant example of human coexistence with nature is beekeeping, which has a centuries-old tradition in the Karst. The diversity of meadow vegetation and the climatic conditions enable the production of Karst honey, which compared to others is more aromatic. Due to its unique natural resources, Karst honey has the Protected designation of origin.

Travel green.

In the Karst, we have been taking care of our environment for centuries, so we invite you to travel around the Karst responsibly and help us to keep it green. We recommend that you explore the karst trails that pass through the gmajna and between the dry-stone walls by bicycle.  and wind through the groves and between the dry stone walls by bicycle. Take advantage of the possibility of renting e-bikes.

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