The Karst has a unique climate

The Karst has a unique climate

By: ORA Krasa and Brkinov


Of all the winds in the Karst, the bora is the best known. This north-easterly wind is very useful. It cleans the atmosphere, and at the same time, is part of the secret recipe for the delicious dry-cured meat products that are cured in the Karst.

The karst landscape has always attracted guests with its karst phenomena, as well as with a favourable climate and fresh air, purified by the karst bora. Clean air with ozone and a high level of ionisation in the pine forests has enabled the development of health tourism in the Karst. In the period between the two world wars, the treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis developed. Due to its favourable location and the abundance of pine forests, an important medical centre with one of the first X-ray stations was founded in Komen.

Families with anaemic and asthmatic children also frequently visited the Karst. They came from larger cities and most of them spent the whole summer here. Many citizens of Trieste also spent their holidays in the Karst, on the recommendation of their doctors. They stayed at inns or on tourist farms.


A kind of climatic treatment has also developed in the Karst. They keep patients in underground karst caves. It is a complementary treatment for patients with bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive bronchitis. Speleotherapy is performed by the Hospital for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Lung Patients in Sežana.


The unique karst climate supports your well-being. Take a walk through the peaceful karst landscape and relax in the fresh air, among the natural beauties of the Karst. Outdoor activities are also more pleasant in the fresh air. Only when the bora wind blows stronger, will you have to acknowledge its supremacy and wait for it to calm down to continue with outdoor activities. Just when the bora dies, the Karst is at its most beautiful.

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