Straight to nature

Straight to nature

By: ORA Krasa and Brkinov

The Karst is excellently located in Central Europe.
It is where the Mediterranean comes closest to the Julian Alps and boasts truly excellent transport connections with the world.

Fly over to the Karst for a weekend!

Just ½ hr by car from Trieste Airport, 1 hr from Ljubljana Airport and just 1.5 hr from Venice Airport. A perfect getaway, an unforgettable break in the Karst.

Excellent accessibility by car

Nowadays, you may prefer travelling by car. Depending on where you come from, you can travel to the Karst on the Slovenian motorway, or the Italian motorway that connects to the Slovenian one in Trieste. Local roads in Slovenia are well maintained and safe.

Let the Karst sights seduce you, and let the various Karst experiences relax you.

Fly over, your Karst break awaits.

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