Karst for couples

Karst for couples

By: 3 Krasne

We, the 3 Krasne, are and have been in love and loved. Being in love in the Karst is the most beautiful thing. This also applies to all those who are not from the Karst region, but would like to experience the Karst in all its beauty. And what could be better than a romantic getaway to the Karst with your significant other?
Why the Karst? Because time stops in the Karst, and there are countless hidden gems that invite you to discover them in all their beauty. Time goes by too quickly only when it is time to go back home.
Of course, we went through the period of dating a long time ago, but during the weekends, we still take time to discover the charms of the Karst with our partners. They make it sure that the spark between us continues to sparkle and never extinguishes.

Therefore, for all you lovers and romantics by nature, or for those who are trying to win someone’s heart, we would recommend that you take your loved one to the Karst! It doesn’t matter what time of the year. Let it be in winter, when you can warm yourselves by the hearth of one of the karst homesteads; in autumn, when the Karst turns scarlet and smells of must and new wine; in spring, when the Karst gets the colours of the colourful karst meadows, or in summer, when the Karst bora cools you down. The Karst enchants you in every season. 

All the athletes by nature can rent a bike and take a ride on endless paved or gravel trails. In autumn, these are the magical scarlet colour of the European smoke tree. One of these is the Teran Circular Trail. It follows the path of Maria Theresa, which was once the main route to Italy. In the past, farmers took it to go to Trieste, where they sold their crops. Maria Theresa is also responsible for the "osmicas" in the Karst, where farmers could sell their surplus crops directly in homesteads. You should also stop at one of the karst osmicas and refresh yourselves with some karst delicacies.
If you are a fan of good wine, we recommend that you visit one of the wine cellars, and let the winemaker show you around the wine cellar, where you will taste their wine, accompanied by dry-cured meat delicacies (prosciutto is a must!). You will have the opportunity to taste different types of wine – from Teran to Vitovska grganja.

Štanjel is one of those romantic places that you cannot miss! And even though it sounds almost like a "cliché", Štanjel will enchant you. The Ferrari Garden will put you in an even more romantic mood. By following the narrow streets of Štanjel, where you will discover hidden corners, you will get to the castle courtyard, where Bistro Grad Štanjel is located. In this beautiful environment, you can pamper yourself with a glass of sparkling Teran and the bistro’s delicacies. We should mention that in the Karst, we have quite a few winemakers who produce the sparkling Teran wine, some of them even world rewarded. The first to have produced the sparkling Teran was Jožef Jazbec from Tupelče.
In the Štanjel castle courtyard, you will also find a wine shop, where among all the winemakers from both the Slovenian and Italian sides of the Karst, you will definitely find your favourite. Before leaving Štanjel, enter the Ana&Gaja Art Gallery, where you can surprise your better half with a piece of unique jewellery or a handbag.

When the day turns into evening, it’s time for a romantic dinner for two. For true gourmets, we suggest Špacapanova hiša in Komen, where Ago and his family will pamper you with their delicacies, presented in a unique way. But one day isn’t enough to discover the Karst, is it? For all those who agree with us, we suggest that you extend the weekend in the Karst by another day. You will relax your body and soul in the beautiful boutique St. Daniel bio hotel in Hruševica. In the yard, you will be surrounded by the magnificent aroma of the herb garden, and the kind owners will make sure that you are pampered and you will regain your strength for the next day.

If you are visiting the Karst at the beginning of the summer, don't miss the endless lavender fields in Povir, which are owned by Renčelj kozmetika. We believe that among the fragrant lavender fields, you will definitely take a beautiful photo for two - yes, women love such photos, because there is nothing more beautiful than a memory captured with a photographic lens.
Does your sweetheart love roses? In May, you should not miss the blooming and stunningly fragrant roses on the estate of Villa Fabiani in Kobdilj, which is the birthplace of the architect, Max Fabiani. Not only you will get lost hand in hand among thousands of different blooming roses; you will also enjoy the magical ambience of the villa, where there is also a Picolit vineyard and a long karst trellis, as well as a stone bench. It is a romantic place that was also described in the book, The Fabiani Mulberry Tree, by Renato Ferrari. We quote this romantic passage from this book:

"… There on the bench, on the evening of August 22, 1844, we promised each other love to the last beat of our hearts. To get in touch with our spirit, go to the trellis and sit on the bench. Even nowadays, you will hear our strong beating hearts beat in unison."

In the Karst, known for its excellent Karst prosciutto, there are also several prosciutto drying facilities. Why not visit one of them? They are all excellent, but we recommend that you visit the Ščuka boutique prosciutto drying facility and enjoy their cured meat delicacies.

We believe that prosciutto will whet your appetite, so you will need to satisfy your hunger with a good lunch at one of the many great restaurants. We suggest Gostilna Grahor in Dane pri Sežani, where all lovers of seafood and sinfully good desserts will truly enjoy the offer. The desserts are so beautifully presented that it is almost a shame to eat them. 

You may also wander around Šepulje and visit the oldest vine in the Karst, and have lunch at the Domačija Šajna restaurant, where gourmets will have the opportunity to taste some delicacies of the house. 
If you want to take a post-meal stroll, you should take a walk in the Botanical Garden at Mirasasso villa in Sežana, and relax your body and mind along the narrow paths through the flowering beauties and tall tree crowns.

Before the day is over, let the journey take you to Cerje, where there is the rampant Monument of Peace, with a magnificent view to the sea on one side, and to the Alps on the other. Treat yourself to a coffee with a view or an aperitif. Maybe also one of their great burgers, bruschettas, omelettes (called frtalje) ... at Okrepčevalnica Cerje. The most beautiful sunset will keep you company. 

Did we convince you? We fell in love with what we wrote, and right now we are embarking on new romantic adventures in the Karst. We hope that you two fell in love with each other and with our magnificent and romantically coloured Karst.

Your 3 KRASne

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