Pipan Winery and Viticulture

Pipan Winery and Viticulture

Our farm, called PR'NJŽNIH, is located in the Karst village of Križ. Most of our grapevines are refošk and vitovska grganja – autochthonous Karst grape varieties. As the years passed by, we also planted the malvazija and cabernet sauvignon grape varieties. We continue to broaden our offer and expand. Our novelties include Rosé and Frze cuvée wine. Besides wine, our wine cellar is always well stocked with Teran liqueur that is prepared according to our great-grandmother’s recipe.

During the tasting, we present the different wines we make, along with the process from grapevine to glass. We cater to our visitors’ desires and accept both individual visitors and groups of up to 35 people.

Our experiences in Kras Pass Gourmet here.

Opening hours

Only by prior agreement.


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