On the trails of the Battles of the Isonzo

12 km
3 hours
Fitness level required

The karst landscape and remains of war

This circular trail with its starting point in the village of Dolenja Brestovica is perfect for all admirers of the Karst landscape and its sights since it weaves through vineyards, across gmajna grasslands and up to the hilltops that offer magnificent views. The Karst nature will overwhelm you. Along the way that leads from the Brestovica Valley up to the Grmada Hill you will see many remnants of the notorious Battles of the Isonzo, as the Great War also rampaged through the Karst. Witnesses to the war remind us how valuable peace is and how beautiful it is to live in a world with open borders. Namely, the trail runs along the state border with Italy which is why you can extend the hike and visit the neighbouring Italian villages of Cerovlje and Medja vas, where the Slovenian minority lives.

Length of trail
12 km
3 hours
Fitness level required
Sights along the trail
  • karst landscape
  • caverns, the Grof Cave and other remnants of the Battles of Isonzo
Štanjel Castle Visitor Centre

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