Museum collections of the Škocjan Caves Park

Museum collections of the Škocjan Caves Park

Explore tales of the past and the regional park’s peculiarities.

The ethnological exhibition in the J'kopinov skedenj (i.e. a barn) shows how cereals are produced and their use in the period of arable farming. The one-storey building has a thatched roof (from rye), which makes it a peculiarity that has otherwise completely vanished from the area. The museum hosts a permanent exhibition called “From grain to bread”.

The renovated Jurjev skedenj (i.e. a barn) tells a tale of the discovery and exploration of the Škocjan cave system from the early 19th century onwards. Particularly interesting are parts of the old equipment used by the very first cave explorers. On the ground floor, two scale models are on display, one being of the village of Škocjan and the other of Škocjan Caves.

The Delezova domačija (i.e. a homestead) hosts three interesting collections. The geological collection presents the rocks of the traditional Karst. The archaeological collection features some duplicates of finds from the Mušja Cave near Škocjan, dating back to between the 12th and 8th centuries B.C. The settlements in Škocjan and Gradišče and, above all, the many burial grounds and other rich archaeological finds prove this area was hugely important in the 1st millennium B.C. After looking over the biological collection, the visitor soon realises how biologically diverse the Karst is.

Opening hours

The collections are open June–September, from 11.30 to 19.30.

Visit to the museum collections in Škocjan: a 10-minute walk from the Information Centre.

Visit duration: about 30 minutes


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