Monument of peace

90 min
The program will be available again in the period from June to August, when KrasPass Summer will take place in the Karst and Brkini.

On the edge of the karst plateau, from where you can enjoy breath-taking views of the Vipava Valley, Triglav and the sea, where on clear days the eye catches the silhouette of Venice, a 25 m high monument proudly rises. Between the walls the magnificent building hides rich treasures of history and art that preserve the heart of the nation and the soul of the Karst. Listen to the stories of the guide who will take you through the secrets of the oldest written word in Slovenian language, archaic symbolism of architecture, exhibitions dedicated to the crisis periods of the 20th century and works of art that interpret history in a unique way. Interactive exhibitions on 5 floors form a bond between the past and the future.

On the covered viewing platform, from where the message of peace spreads in all the ways, you can enjoy the luxury of tasting the delicacies captured in a souvenir from Cerjanka (giftshops with local, home-made products), where you can also choose a culinary souvenir: a natural vegetables spread from Maqfino, herbal tea from the Rogelja Herbal Farm, Karst honey by Carstica or Mmm Beatrice’s extra jam.


  • Experience the natural wonders of the Karst and Brkini with a culinary surprise
    Includes: a guided tour of the Monument of Peace and a local delicacy from the Cerjanka giftshop.
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Price: € 18/person

Opening hours

  • Wednesday (at 10.00 and 14.00)
  • Thursday (at 10.00 and 14.00)

Telephone: 00 386 31 310 800
E-mail: info@mirenkras.si

To register, first reserve your intended date and arrival time by telephone or e-mail at least 24h in advance. 

90 min
Language of experience
€ 18/person

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