Mmm Beatrice – the typical Karst pear and Teran dessert as a jam

Mmm Beatrice – the typical Karst pear and Teran dessert as a jam

Silver prize of the Tourist Association of Slovenia in the Mediterranean & Karst Slovenia culinary and gourmet souvenir contest; selected among the top culinary and gastronomic souvenirs by IGCAT.

Mmm Beatrice is a family-owned brand of small culinary treats made in the heart of the Karst. We are a couple, Vojka and Jurij, and we live in the village of Tomaj, where we cook 29 extra home-made jams, two chutneys and tomato sauce from the best (primarily local) ingredients. No harmful additives or gelling agents are added, and only a little or no sugar. We cook them for up to 26 hours, stirring manually. Their fruit content exceeds the criteria of the EU regulations up to sixfold. They are delicious on a slice of bread or a pancake, but also go very well with meat, cheese, vegetable dishes and many more.

Mmm Beatrice has blazed a trail to upmarket stores abroad and has been presented several times as a protocol gift of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, while it has also been served in prestigious restaurants.

Mmm Beatrice Pear & Teran Jam is a traditional Karst dessert in the form of a jam. It was inspired by the culinary passion of the Karst housewives of days gone by who knew how to use everything nature has to offer. We make jams from pears picked in our neighbour’s orchard. The pear trees were planted in about 1920. Then we add Teran, the premium wine of the Karst. The jam goes very well with sweet dishes but also perfectly complements the flavours of meat, cheese and other savoury dishes. Gourmets prefer to enjoy this exquisite treat with a spoon – directly from the pot.

The price of one pot of Mmm Beatrice Pear & Teran Jam No. 31 is EUR 5.90.
Delivery across Slovenia and abroad.
Personal pick-up possible by prior agreement. 

You can order this culinary tourist souvenir at mmmbeatrice@mmmbeatrice.si. 

Our magical culinary treats are not for all. When preparing them, we have in mind those who appreciate original, different and boutique products, those who enjoy gastronomic excellence and care for every detail – including how the pot looks. Our products are most mass produced, our culinary magic is ‘for the soul’, prepared in small quantities, slowly, with great care and love.


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