Lower Karst Cycling Ring

72 km
Fitness level required

Up to picturesque Karst peaks

Štanjel – Kobjeglava – Lukovec – Grižniki – Rubije – Škrbina – Lipa – Temnica – Trstelj – under Stolovec and Vrtovka – under Veliki vrh and Fajti hrib – past Cerje – Lokvica – Hudi Log – Korita na Krasu – Sela na Krasu – Brestovica – Gorjansko – Nadrožica – Volčji Grad – Kregolišče – Veliki Dol – Pliskovica – Kosovelje – Kobjeglava – Štanjel

The trail leads through a stunning natural setting up to the highest hilltops of the lower Karst, recounting interesting stories and offering unforgettable views. From the village of Lukovec, where folk tradition says the colossal rocky piles were built by two giants who threw stones at each other, the path leads to Mt. Trstelj, past the Cerje Peace Memorial. Take the ‘mulatieras’ (military cargo trails) and go down into the Brestovica Valley from where the trail leads to the village of Gorjansko as well as Debela griža, one of the biggest lowland prehistoric hillforts in Slovenia. Return to the starting point in Štanjel through Pliskovica.

Length of trail
72 km
Total ascent
1,040 m
Suitable for
mountain bike
asphalt, macadam
Fitness level required
medium high
The trail is not marked and partly runs along roads for traffic.
Sights along the trail
  • monuments of the Great War
  • prehistoric hillforts
  • gmajna grassland with dry karst meadows
  • authentic Karst villages
Štanjel Castle Visitor Centre
TIC Sežana

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