Lipica Stud Farm

90 min
The program will be available again in the period from June to August, when KrasPass Summer will take place in the Karst and Brkini.

The Lipica Stud Farm, its breeding of Lipizzan horses and the entire Equestrian park are a phenomenon of world proportions. Lipica is not only the original stud farm of the Lipizzan horses, but it is also the oldest European stud farm to be continuously breeding the same horse breed. The whole Equestrian Park area is a unique place. Its spatial planning, the nucleus of buildings and the cultural landscape have all been shaped over the centuries to reflect the original activity, i.e. the breeding of Lipizzan horses. A true gem is the wonderfully cultivated karst landscape with lush meadows and grasslands, protective fences, oak groves and avenues of trees.
The most unforgettable moment at Lipica is making contact with a Lipizzan horse. With its herd of more than 300 horses, the Lipica Stud Farm is the biggest stud farm with Lipizzan horses on earth.


  • Experience the natural wonders of the Karst and Brkini with a culinary surprise
    Includes: a guided tour of the Lipica Stud Farm, a serving of prosciutto and a glass of Teran wine
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Price: € 18/person

Opening hours

Every day at 11.00 and 15.00.

To register, first reserve your intended date and arrival time by e-mail at least 24h in advance. 

90 min
Language of experience
Slovenian, English
€ 18/person

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